Planar Travel

Planar travel in this world is very difficult and uncommon, but not impossible. Only the most powerful of spellcasters have mastered the ability of actually transporting themselves onto another plane of existence, although many spells still manipulate transitive planes. Projection onto a plane is simpler, and has been accomplished with greater ease, but your level of interaction on the plane is very limited.

There are several inherent features of the Material Plane that allow access to the other planes of existence. Most of these have been discovered by the party already and utilized. Among them are the Infinite Staircase, and the Planar Wheel.

The Infinite Staircase is a spiraling stairway that connects to every outer plane as well as the Material Plane. Its entrances are always very unassuming and easily overlooked. In fact, the door to the Staircase has a minor mind-affecting attribute to it that makes anyone not actively looking for the door to the Staircase overlook the doorway as “nothing important.” Furthermore, the relative location the the doorway on each plane is constantly shifting, making the task of tracking down the Staircase very difficult (To date the party has only used the Infinite Staircase once). The walls of the Staircase are made entirely of off-white brick and mortar of an unidentifiable stone, and white marble steps. Once inside, the Staircase spirals on forever both up and down. As you move along it in either direction, a door will appear on the outer wall after every 1000 stairs. This door will take you into a new plane of existence. The plane you enter is based on the bronze roman numerals above the door.

I – Material Plane
II – Pandemonium
III – Limbo
IV – Ysgard
V – Arborea
VI – The Beastlands
VII – Elysium
VIII – Bytopia
IX – Celestia
X – Arcadia
XI – Mechanus
XII – Acheron
XIII – The Nine Hells
XIV – Gehenna
XV – Hades
XVI – Carceri
XVII – The Abyss

The Planar Wheel allows for much more extensive travel, offering access to the Inner Planes, as well as the Outer Planes and the countless demiplanes beyond them. Located deep in the woods in an unassuming hut (at least on the Material Plane), this wheel is held in a small, orderly office that is unchanging from plane to plane. Operating the wheel successfully requires great wisdom, powerful will, and understanding, and only just recently has Raya begun to be able to control its outcome. Attempting to use the wheel without sufficient skill results in a randomly generated result. If concentration on the wheel is particularly poor, it will not only randomly deposit its travelers on another plane of existence, but they could end up anywhere on it, having to work their way back to the wheel to try again.

Planar Travel

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