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“The Task of Leviticus” takes place roughly 2 years after the conclusive events of “The Cask of Saint Markus” campaign. As its name would suggest it primarily focuses on the party’s interactions with an enigmatic character known as Leviticus, who approaches the party from the Saint Markus campaign, as well as several other accomplished adventurers, and ends up throwing them together to perform the impossible task of slaying beings he describes as “more powerful then any deity you’ve ever read of.”

He explains that these beings, along with himself, helped to create the universe itself. When this council of 8 being became divided, he and 4 others, not being strong enough to kill them outright, sealed away the 3 dissidents into another dimension of existence altogether. Now, after an amount of time incapable of being measured has elapsed, they are breaking free of the seals he placed on them and coming back into the multiverse that we know.

Using a combination of fear tactics and generosity he has persuaded/coerced the party into compliance. After gathering the party together on the plane of Arborea he had them confront one of the dietific entities who was still gathering their power to manifest a physical form. Armed with an incomprehensible scroll given to them by Leviticus the party entered the dungeon and confronted the being. The entity, revealing herself to be named as Malel, admitted that she was still to weak to confront the party, but was quick enough to steal the scroll away from them before disappearing.

Leviticus then told the party that they would have to become stronger if they were to stop the beings now that Malel had escaped. He sent each of them on a personalized quest in a different outer plane. The party re-gathered after 2 years of intensive trial and training, stronger and more prepared to face the epic challenge Leviticus had tasked them with.

This opening bit was a good tool for getting the players used to how epic level combat and role playing will be. Now it is time for the true meat of the campaign to begin.

This game mostly focuses on planar travel as a means of arranging unique and epic settings, environments, and challenges. The Dread Pirate Morgan and his ship Avarice provide a mobile base of operations as well as the primary means of travel. They therefore will frequently operate as plot devices to motivate players into action.

*A more detailed story-like script of the events leading up to our current hiatus is being written.

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